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Divine inspiration! I have come up with the absolute questiest of all quests!

*pokes around looking for Éomer*
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*pokes head out of room* Yessir?
Before I tell you, I assure you it was a totally original idea which I didn't copy from Elrond at all. Got it?
I have a very bad feeling about this. And my mun is laughing already.

Right! I'm braced. Lay it on me.
Go to Rohan and do whatever you must to become king. Without your mommy's help.

Good luck! *offers bagels*
Mmm, bagels-- *chokes* WHAT?!
Welllll I don't have Doriath any more, but I figure my princess ought to still be associated with royalty. *waves hand* Now shoo! I have to change Linithil's diaper.
Oh sweet Bema duct-taped to a ceiling fan. Um. Yessir. *wanders off stuck like this: O.O*
*takes care of the baby, oblivious and smiley*