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Chatlog thing.

Nicole: So she says "Has that elf girl of yours divorced her husband yet?"
Nicole: I was like o.o
Emily: ahahaha O_O
Beren: ;_;
Nicole: *offers tissue*
Beren: Eomer's a Maia now so when I die she doesn't have to. I will just go rot alone in Mandos until the end of time.
Nicole: ¬.¬
Nicole: What would he do if she left him?
Beren: Go catatonic, lapse into coma, and eventually die of despair.
Nicole: >.<
Beren: i want my mom
Emeldir: Yes dear. *patpat*
Beren: Maybe if I became a hermaphrodite or a werekangaroo she would like me more?
Nicole: O_O
Emeldir: O_O I doubt it.
Thingol: I'd kill you. *pat pat*
Beren: What about a vampire? Or a really really big slut?
Thingol: I'd kill you. *pat pat*
Beren: Okay. *practices guitar in the corner*

Thingol: I think it's time I put the fear of me into that Eoguy. *wanders to MT*
Lúthien: ...
Thingy: *pats Lúthy* I like Beren better. Don't tell him I said that.
Lúthien: ...
Lúthien: ... Daaaddy...
Lúthien: ... ... ...
Thingy: Don't give me that look young lady. I only want what's best for you.
Lúthy: ... ¬.¬
Thingy: And I always know what's best because I'm your father. *nods* Besides. I don't know anything about this guy. All your mother could tell me was that she thinks he's cute. :\
Lúthien: DaddyImightbepregnantwithanÉobaby.
Thingol: O_O
Lúthien: ...
Thingy: Erm. Um?
Lúthy: ... I think I'm going to go hide in the library now.
Thingy: Waaaaait. You don't need to be stressy-hidey if there's a chance you might be pregnant. Sit down and talk to daddy. I promise I won't hurt anyone or break anything.
Lúthien: Promise promise?
Thingol: I swear by my utter utter hatred of certain nasty meddling Noldor.

Lúthy: Okay.
Thingy: So you think you're pregnant and think it might be his, or you know you're pregnant and think it might be his?
Lúthy: Daaaddy, I don't think my marriage is working any more but I can't leave Beren 'cause he'll DIE if I do and I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant and if I AM then it's probably Éomer's and I really love him lots so please no killing him and and and and and... :/
Lúthy: And he's BLIND now so DON'T make him do anything crazy 'cause some psycho kitchen girl tried to kill him. oO
Thingol: You don't love Beren any more? What exactly is wrong with the marriage? And if you're staying with him just because you feel bound by guilt, don't. He'll die anyway because I'll kill him.
Lúthy: I DO love him but NOT like the husband-wife lovey love that he needs and deserves. I'm a bad wife. ;_;
Thingol: No no no you're not a bad anything. Hmmm hmm. Tell me something. When Éomer is female, do you feel the same way?
Thingol: If that was inappropriate, you don't have to answer. *picks up a cat and pets it*
Lúthy: Well, yes. I love Éomer. Even when he's female, though I'm not really physically attracted to his female self.
Thingol: *nods* *thoughtful look*
Thingol: ....... where were we? Right.
Thingol: You're still my baby girl and I love you no matter what, and I was starting to get used to Beren, and I adore Dior and Niphredil more than you can imagine, and I'm not sure that if you were in a commited long-term relationship with a blind dude that you wouldn't over-strain yourself taking care of him, and there is his wife to consider. Hmmmm.
Lúthien: He was just blinded less than a month ago, and we're sure there's a cure somewhere. His wife... she knows we're together. She doesn't mind, we're friends even.

Emily: ((Mun just wants to set Beren up with Lothiriel and be done with it. :-P))
Beren: *hide hide hide hide*
Nicole: *pets Beren*
Nicole: ((Beren and Lothiriel together would amuse me.))
Thingol: Well dear, it is your life. Nobody can make any decisions for you.
Nicole: (("My wife left me for your husband." "My husband left me for your wife." "Dude." "Yeah."))
Nicole: ((O_O))
Emily: ((the Haldir-Faramir-Issy-Arthur plan ^_^))
Nicole: ((Aahahaha))
Arthur: *waves hand* I vouch for that. Plus, Haldir is really hot as a female. *scoot*

Lúthien: I can't hardly think straight to tell Beren how I feel. If he died, it'd be my fault. I'd feel horrible.
Thingol: Remember when you had the ectopic pregnancy and he killed himself? Yeah. So does his mother. If you left him, she'd have her eye on him twenty-seven hours a day, and kick his ass better. Anyway, Beren's a grown man and he can take care of himself. If he really thinks he can't live without you, he's pretty messed.
Thingol: If all else fails, we can set him up with a Galadriel.
Lúthy: O.O
Lúthy: .......He got sick and almost died back in Valinor.
Thingol: I still say he's a nutcase. It's not your fault you don't feel the same way you did when you were young. But I'll tell you from experience, there is no relationship that just clicks, 100%, without any work at all.

Then Nicole had to go. Etc.
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